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Lighter USA was looking to move to a cost-effective, reliable and easy to maintain ecommerce solution. They required a mobile-friendly, fresh redesign.

Our work started with identifying Lighter USA’s business objectives, their brand values and examining their current situation. We then worked with Lighter USA to determine which is the best platform for their needs.

Lighter USA was looking for improving the website customer experience. Our UX team conducted user research to understand how customers interact with their business and then created a UX strategy that defined the layout, interactivity and navigation with key interactions to test and validate the design. The plan then was reviewed for any layout modifications for SEO optimization.

Our designers worked with Lighter USA to create and finalize style guidelines for the main components of the site that reflects a cohesive brand experience.


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UI/UX Design
SEO Optimization
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Lighter USA - Brand Development - Plug Digital

Our designers and developers then worked in close collaboration to bring the design vision to life and test the finalized version to ensure site compatibility across all devices and screen sizes.

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